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Can i have a part-time job or degree while going through Sigma School?

Is it possible to work and study full time at Microverse? Read our official policy to find out.

Definitely. Sigma School is part-time-friendly and specifically designed as a flexible course for people of all levels and commitments.

We will assign you according to your needs and match you to co-learning groups that suit your background, interests, commitment levels and goals.

However, please be reminded that Sigma School’s Complete Software Development Programme is very intense and it requires a significant amount of time and practice for you to get good at it. As a student, you will be coding for at least 1200 hours+ while collaborating with your coding partner before you graduate.

So if you have a job or you’re finishing up degree, chances that are you either will progress at a slower pace compared to your peers who are doing it full-time.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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