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Do I need a computer to apply to Sigma School?

To be a successful developer, a computer is a must. The same goes for studying at Sigma School. Read more about our reasoning here.

You can begin your application to Sigma School from any device (mobile phone, desktop, laptop, or tablet), but when you reach and complete the Coding Challenges, it is mandatory to continue with a computer.

Why is a computer necessary?

You will spend roughly 8 hours per day learning and coding from this device, as well as talking to a coach or a coding partner using video calls and screen sharing. You need to pay attention to detail and to see what you're coding, so you will be using multiple browser tabs and programs as well. This can be demanding (and sometimes impossible) from a mobile or tablet.

From the early stages of your application, we make sure to assess your hardware and internet connection in order to gain confidence in your ability to complete the program.

Hard time accessing a computer?

Depending on where you live, it might be difficult to get access to a desktop or a laptop, so please plan accordingly. We also recommend searching for non-profits and other projects in your area that may allow you to buy equipment for a low cost or even get one for free.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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