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Hire our students/alumni

Learn how hiring Sigma School’s alumni can be your next competitive advantage.

Sigma School students come from an incredibly selective group of global talent.

Our students have a variety of career backgrounds, from finance to law, education, and engineering, but all share these characteristics - they're self-starters, thoughtful English communicators, hard workers, and great collaborators. They’ve shown us through our very rigorous application process why they should be a part of the top applicants invited to join Sigma School.

Sigma School’s collaborative learning approach empowers our students to master the technical, communication, and collaboration skills needed to thrive in a global and remote workplace.

Sigma School alumni have spent 1,200+ hours mastering their software engineering skills through a unique learning approach based on pair programming. Students collaborate to build projects through mastery learning while becoming proficient in Algorithms & Data Structures, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Vuejs, Expressjs, MySQL, Flutter & Firebase. Throughout, they also acquire the habits needed to more easily learn their next language.

Global talent is a competitive advantage.

Companies can’t hire the best talent in the world if they limit themselves to a small fraction of the global population. All our hiring partners have been happy to learn that great developers don't have to cost 6-figure salaries, and that we have no hiring fees.

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Updated on: 19/09/2022

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