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What are the attendance requirements like?

Read more about our attendance requirements here.

Sigma School’s learning process is broken down into multiple steps. The compulsory one will be the weekly session led your module leader. Here are a few of our compulsory and non-compulsory sessions.

Jumpstarter sessions led by you (compulsory)
Jumpstarter sessions by other Student Jumpstarters (not compulsory)
Weekly Coaching Sessions by Sigma School’s Programme Leaders for the modules/courses that you are a part of (compulsory)
Mentorship sessions you scheduled (compulsory)
Pair Programming sessions with your Partner (compulsory)
Networking events (not compulsory, but highly recommended)
Q&A sessions with Industry experts (not compulsory, but highly recommended)

If you have an accountability partner or if you are a student jumpstarter, you will also need to join in on the pre-agreed timeslots.

Besides that, all other live sessions are not compulsory, though they are strongly recommended.

Fundamentally, Sigma School does not impose a strict attendance policy. We go on a mastery-based learning methodology where we focus on your ability to produce results and understand learning materials by excelling in the capstone projects. So ultimately, that comes first.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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