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What if I have already completed certain parts of the curriculum?

Completing certain parts of the curriculum might mean you’re ready to skip it, or not.

During your time with Sigma School, you will be covering a comprehensive range of topics from HTML & CSS to Javascript to Vuejs to Databases to Express.js to Flutter and so much more in between.

We’ve had students that join us after completing some parts of the curriculum before, but when they did it again as part of their journey with Sigma School, they realized that having a coding partner forced them to learn things in much more depth, plus getting code reviews helped them improve their skills significantly. On top of that, you get 1,200+ hours of experience working remotely with your coding partners, improving your English level, and developing strong remote workflows.

The only way to really know if you know your stuff and if you’re able to skip the curriculum, is by completing the capstone projects. That way, we’ll be able to objectively tell if you’ve “passed” and understood certain materials before moving on.

If you’re able to solve and submit the capstone projects, you can choose to skip the learning materials and move on to the next module.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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