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What is our course content and structure like?

Here are the different types of learning materials and the different terms we use in our ecosystem.


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This is the highest level overview. We have 4 courses which includes the following

- Level1: Coding fundamentals
- Level 2a: Frontend
- Level 2b: Backend
- Level 2c: Mobile App development


Each course is made up of many modules. For example: Frontend course consists of a few key modules: Vuejs, Tailwindcss, ChartJS, Testing....


These the base learning materials. Each lesson are made up of combination of texts and videos. Each lesson will have small challenges to help students test their understanding of the module before moving to the next. Solutions will be provided in the comments section so that students can check their answers.

Mini Projects (Code along)

Each module has 3 Code along projects. Code along projects are basically projects where students learn by coding along with the course lead. This comes before the assignments as a prep for the assignments.


Each module has 3 assignments. Assignments are just just bigger challenges and solutions are provided as well.

Module Capstone Projects (Code along)

These are just capstone projects of similar level of complexity but on a different theme and coded along by the course lead.

Module Capstone projects

Each module has 1 capstone project. Capstone project is a big project students need to pass before moving on to the next module. Solutions will not be provided. Students will need to complete it and submit it to their GitHub to be reviewed by Sigma School.

Course Capstone Projects (Code along)

Course capstone project but coded along by the course lead. This comes before the course capstone project

Course Capstone Project

The final capstone project to wrap up the entire course. Student will be tasked with building their own personal project to showcase what they are capable of applying/solving independently. This is also their opportunity to shine as each project will be unique and be totally up the the student’s choice.


View our 1Pager Doc:


View our 1Pager Doc:

Updated on: 24/03/2023

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