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What is the age limit to join Sigma School?

As long as you are 18 years or older, we'd love to see you apply!

How old must I be to apply?

Due to legal reasons, we can only accept students over the age of 18. Furthermore, Sigma School is a training programme that’s fully focused on getting our students direct-access into entry-level jobs. Most countries have a regulatory requirement for you to be 18+ before you can legally be hired.

Is there a maximum age limit?

Absolutely not! We welcome applicants of all ages (18+).

We have had several students that changed from their former long-term careers in a variety of different industries, to pursue their passion for software development at Sigma School. However, you will need to be ready to take a temporary pay-cut initially, so do be prepared for that! For example, if you 45 years old now working as an accountant, it’s very difficult for your first job in tech to beat the salary you are making as an accountant with 20 years of experience.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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