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What is the application process to join Sigma School?

We don’t believe in long and windy application processes. We deliberately keep ours simple & straightforward. However, we understand that different students have different background, commitments levels and end-goals and we try our best to cater to them!

Sign Up

To kick off the application process you first need to sign up here. You'll answer a few basic questions about yourself and learn a bit more about Sigma School along the way.

Coding Basics Experience (Optional)

Get a taste of the self-paced Coding Basics experience by learning and working with peers to build the skills you need to solve the coding challenges in the assessment!

Coding Assessment (Optional)

You can try as many times as you wish!

If you tried learning to code and have some experience, you may choose to complete the grant assessment to apply for up to 70% Grants & Learn-Now-Pay-Later (Pay $0 until you get a job. This is not launched yet. Coming soon!).

If you’re a beginner with no knowledge of code, you can skip this and proceed directly with enrollment!

Enroll and wait to be onboarded to your group!
- Join the flagship Complete Software Development Programme - The comprehensive flagship path in - i) coding fundamentals, ii) frontend, iii) backend, iv) mobile app development, for beginners to break into their first tech job. Fully Online. ~12 months Part-time | ~6 months Full-time.
- Sit back and relax, we’ll send a representative to welcome you, introduce you to the team and send you access to all our internal materials!

Enroll here

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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