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What is the learning schedule like?

It consists of a combination of co-learning (with other study buddies), self-directed learning, and workshop based learning with instructors!


You’ll be paired up with groups of 2-3 so that as you make progress in your modules, you can set up weekly meet ups and be accountable in your learning progress.
A big part of our co-learning experience is a made up of 3 things - Checkpoint Hours, FreeFlow Hours & Pair Programming with Study Buddies.
Checkpoint Hours are sessions to cover supplementary materials during discussion with your peers so that it ensures your mastery of the topic, before moving on to the next topic. (Do we need to set up something similar for coding basics?)
FreeFlow Hours are sessions where you can come to the Jumpstarters to ask for help regarding concepts, assignments or capstones that you’ve been stuck with even after several attempts.
Pair Programming is where you get matched up with a Study Buddy and meet up on an agreed time slot daily to learn and keep each other accountable throughout your journey across your modules with Sigma School.
We’ll also be having additional project building, topic discussion and discovery sessions here so that you can learn to collaborate with others. In doing so, you’ll find yourself being well equipped with experience to be competent in the working environment!

Self-directed learning

You will also be independently covering the course materials and recorded videos, as it’s designed to be self-learning. If you’ve understood your materials well, it will help you during your peer learning sessions. If not you may ask questions and learn from them instead.

Workshop-based learning

We will have weekly instructor sessions where the instructors will cover on several topics and assign questions for groups of 3+ to work together! After everyone has attempted it, the instructors will guide them on thought process to get to the solution.

QnA Expert Sharing

We will be inviting the industry leading experts to share on their invaluable insights and experience with us. Join in and learn from them to get that extra edge and progress faster in your software developer journey next time!

Aside from the time that you’ve set for yourself to cover the materials, we have a rich co-learning experience designed for you to enjoy your process in becoming a full-fledged software developer with us!

On the onboarding day itself, there’ll be a period of time after for you to choose which team e.g. if there is 15 people, there needs to be a team of 5 (3 people x 5 groups) fully set up within a week from the initiation day. If 14 people, then there’ll be one group with 2 people.

How will the pairing work?

Fill up our Learning Timesheet form where you can show others important details about yourself. This is to allow everyone to find others of similar matching time and interests!

- Part Time/ Full Time student
- Background
- What made you pick the course
- Interests
- Personality Type (MBTI)
- Available days

You will be given a deadline of 7 days to find partners of your choice and fill up the Partner-Up form. It should be 3 at least, unless there’s no choice and we may either end up with 1 or 2 groups of 2 in a given batch intake.

We also highly recommend you to find partners in your own initiatives within the first few days, if not, we will assign the partners by the 7th day. Do reach out to those who you feel would be a great match and team up with them!

Just one person is required to submit the group. You may choose your own team name to add more personality as well!

There will be a form to show the list of initiated groups, so please make sure to check the list beforehand as you select your teammates to journey along with!

What if one of my study buddies has gone MIA?

Don’t worry, we will be providing a form where you can do just that! You may inform us of the grouping situation, what’s the dynamics, etc. We will reassign partners later on

We will also be providing a bi-weekly assessment form for you to give us feedback on how’s your learning progress, how has the co-learning experience been for you with the instructors, Jumpstarters, and your learning buddies.

We know how it feels to be in a university setting where you have tons of critical feedback on how things should be improved in the course (e.g. lecturer teaching style, teammates etc.), only to have the chance to review all these by the end of the semester only. Usually by then, some would not even be interested in giving feedback as it has no benefit of whatsoever anymore!

That’s why here in Sigma School we want to make sure that with these bi-weekly reviews, we shorten the feedback and improvement cycles to ensure that you will enjoy the best co-learning experience possible during your time here with us.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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