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What kind of internet connection do I need to join Sigma School?

Learn whether your internet connection is good enough for the program, how to test it, and how to improve it.

Why is my connection so important? ❓

During your Sigma School program, you will be Zoom/Google Meet video (and screen-share) calls with your peers very frequently.

If one or more students have a suboptimal internet connection, that makes it very frustrating and ruins the collaborative learning experience for everyone!

If your connection isn't good or stable enough, our team will reach out to you, and you'll have a few days to fix it. However, this puts you at risk of falling behind in our program or having to drop out and return in the future – you will have wasted your precious time and money just because you didn't take the time to fix this early enough.

So, it's important that you invest in a good connection today to move through our program and get that great remote software developer job as quickly as possible!

Testing your connection 🧪

Complete *both* of these tests to evaluate your internet connection:

Test #1: Use this link to measure your upload and download speed, jitter, and ping.
Test #2: To measure packet loss, open your terminal and type:
For Mac/Linux: ping - c 100
For Windows: ping - n 100

Requirements ✔️

In order to join our full-time program, the following internet connectivity requirements must be met:

⬇️ Download speed must be ABOVE 3 Mbps
⬆️ Upload speed must be 1 Mbps and ABOVE
🎢 Jitter must be BELOW 30 ms
🔁 Ping/Latency must be BELOW 150 ms
🕳 Packet loss must be BELOW, or equal to, 1%

If your results don't meet these requirements, follow the steps in the section below.

Improving your connection ⚒️

Here are some resources to help improve your internet connection:

⬇️ Download speed: Try these steps to improve your download speed.
⬆️ Upload speed: Try these steps to improve your upload speed.
🎢 Jitter: Try these steps to reduce jitter.
🔁 Ping/Latency: Try these steps to improve latency.
🕳 Packet loss: Try these steps to reduce packet loss.

Lastly, if none of the steps above have fixed the issue, please reach out to your Internet Service Provider and request an internet connection upgrade.

Having a backup connection 💡

If the quality of your connection varies a lot by time of day or day of the week, it's important that you also invest in a backup source.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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