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What kind of jobs or salary can I get after Sigma School?

Even though our program is focused on Web & Mobile App Development, it also provides strong foundations on general software development and computer science to allow you to explore other possibilities too.

Once you complete the program you should be able to work in software-related jobs such as Software Development, Frontend Development, Backend Development, Full Stack Development, Mobile App development, Data Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology, UIUX Design and Project Management in general. However, you may need some more training before your first full-time role in one of these fields.

That being said, most of our students are pursuing careers in front-end, back-end, full-stack web development & mobile app development for companies that use Express.js, JavaScript, Vuejs and Flutter.

As for the salary question, it’s a good one! Again, it really depends on the individual and the country you're based in! A tech internship will usually be around $500-$1200 and an entry-level developer role will pay around $2500-$5000. Of course, the currency also depends on the country you're applying for, the numbers here are just a range to give you a good estimation of it. Get the skillsets, then it's all about selling yourself to your maximum potential during the interview. Bottom line, add as much value as you can as an employee and your salary will go up.

These jobs could be fully remote, local (in your city), or in another city or country (relocation). Our goal is to be very focused on landing 100% remote roles for our graduates. The minimum we’re looking at is USD700/month to get you started. And once you get some experience, our bet is your salary will go up exponentially within a year.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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