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What level of English do I need to join Sigma School?

Most Sigma School students speak English as a second language! So it’s perfectly fine if it’s not your mother-tongue.

Like many global schools and companies, we use English as the default language for all communications. A lot of great jobs out there require a good English level so it is critical that you perfect this language if you want to be a successful global developer.

Beginner: Can understand and communicate simple basic phrases.

Elementary: Can understand and interact specific information in advertisements menus, and understand high frequency vocabulary.

Intermediate: Can deal with familiar situations frequently encountered in work and life in English.

Upper Intermediate: Can interpret and produce complex information of both concrete and abstract topics in English.

Advanced: Can infer implicit meaning and use English flexibly in social and professional settings.

Proficient: Can understand and communicate with ease, spontaneity and precision for virtually all types of written and spoken forms of English.

At Sigma School, we highly recommend for you to be at least on an Elementary/Intermediate level for your experience with us to be productive.

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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