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What makes Sigma School different from others?

In case you're still wondering, here's a summary on what really makes us different, and how you can benefit from our unique proposition.

No full-time teachers 👩🏻‍🏫
Our students learn as real developers do: by coding and collaborating, based on the materials, curriculum and projects set out by the Programme Leads, Module Leads & Student Jumpstarters. They spend almost the their entire journey with us meeting, collaborating, and getting support from fellow students/alumni and mentors!

100% remote 💻
All our school's interactions are 100% remote and happen with other students/alumni within Sigma School. Our students leave Sigma fully prepared to join remote and diverse global teams. That's our a goal we're actively trying to achieve! Everything we do is with the intention of integrating remote-work best practice into our day-to-day education operations!

Flexible, mastery learning 🔥
Our program is also much more intense and rigorous than most other schools.
Although we don't impose a forced full-time/part-time schedule and allow students to do either, our model is designed to accommodate and get our students used to learning challenging material and following a holistic, deadline-driven curriculum that continuously pushes them outside of their comfort zone.

Free if you don't get get a job 💵
If our students fail to monetise their skillsets after they graduate, we will give them 100% of their money back. That's our promise. We don't get paid unless they do, too. Thus, we craft every lesson, project, and activity with one thing in mind: to help our students get a great job in software development. We also have an income-sharing model where you pay $0 until you get a job! Bottom line, we don't win if you don't win. We're in this together (unlike traditional educators, who get paid regardless)

Mentor-student ratio 🙋‍♂️
Because we don't need to fork up large sums of capital to hire lecturers, chancellors, administrative staffs, our peer-to-peer learning model allows us to leverage upon senior students/alumni to guide junior students as part of the programme. This ensure everyone gets attention and no one gets left behind, further emphasising on our concept of "Mastery Learning". We have approximately 1 student mentor for every 3 students.

Dynamic curriculum 📚
Because we don't need to fork up large sums of capital to hire lecturers, chancellors, administrative staffs, and we don't need to build our own curriculum.
We can create new curriculums, projects and learning materials fast and custom to each company's need. This helps our students maximise their chances of adding value fast and landing a role in their target company.

Option to get funded by investors 🌟
Coming soon.
We're currently still recruiting Talent Angels to fund high-potential students in need. Here's how it works: Payback a percentage of your salary for a fixed duration only when you start working, or get a full grant if you're from an underserved background - refugees, b40 groups.

Top-down Approach ⬇️
Unlike traditional education, our students know the track they want to take from Day 1. They learn with the end goal in mind, to be able to see the big picture and apply it. By solving real problems and learning on the job, learning what's necessary to get the job done, instead of learning theoretical or insignificant challenges.

Not for everyone 😎
We know the Sigma-way is not for everyone. That's why we only accept self-driven learners with a growth mindset and excellent collaboration skills who are ready to commit to this amazing, life-changing journey that's designed to disrupt the traditional education system, and create massive impact to our learners, and our hiring partners.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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