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What's the general timetable schedule like?

General Timetable Schedule

As everyone’s progress will be different, that also means that our full schedule will be slightly for different depending on the team that you’re in. However here is a general breakdown of what to expect in a usual month’s schedule.

Due to having a vast range of learners here in Sigma School, we’ve compiled a list of commitment hours of how it would look like if you commit X amount of weekly hours. Take note that the calculations are based on the assumptions that you only code on the weekdays and it’s just a rough estimate. If you you code on the weekends as well, that would greatly help increase your completion rate!

We know that when people see how long it takes to complete a task, they’ll be a lot more conscious of how to invest their time into completing the course. Hence, the calculations 😉. Do take note that one module roughly takes around 300+ hours to complete. Since you have 4 modules, that would be roughly 1200+ hours in total.

For those who’d like to complete it over a year+

Part Timers (2hrs/day, 10hrs/week)

- 300 hours/10 hrs per week = 30 weeks
- 30 weeks x 4 modules= 120 weeks
- 120 weeks / 4 weeks per month= 30 months
- 30 months/ 12 months per year = 2 years and 6 months

(Come on now, are you sure you really want to really take 2.5 years to switch into a software developer career? 😛 )

Part Timers (4hrs/day, 20hrs/week)

- 300/20 = 15 weeks
- 15 weeks x 4 modules = 60 weeks
- 60 weeks / 4 weeks per month = 15 months

(This is for those who are a bit tight on time on the weekdays. However if you can afford to spend your weekends to code up to 30hrs a day, let’s look into our next category!)

For those who’d like to complete it within a year

Part Timers (6hrs/day, 30hrs/week)

- 300/30 = 10 weeks
- 10 weeks x 4 modules= 40 weeks
- 40 weeks / 4 weeks per month = 10 months

Full Timers (8hrs/day, 40hrs/week)

- 300/40 = 7.5 weeks
- 7.5 weeks x 4 modules = 30 weeks
- 30 weeks / 4 weeks per month = 7.5 months

Full Timers (10hrs/day, 50hrs/week)

- 300/50 = 6 weeks
- 6 weeks x 4 modules = 24 weeks
- 24 weeks / 4 weeks per month = 6 months

Note: If you have prior experience in coding before, your speed may be much faster in completing these modules.

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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