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Who are some of Sigma School's alumni?

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Jonathan Jun Hao 🇲🇾

University Student turned Frontend Developer @

“3 weeks with Sigma School & I am now good enough with HTML, CSS, Javascript to clone any website that i want! the selling point is not only the comprehensive content, but also the supportive peers and mentor as well as the interactive learning environment! Within the school, there is also a program called "The Jumpstarter Programme" that allows students to take a role in delivering and presenting the project (own project) to their peers every week. this is was really helpful in helping me land my job!"

Yee Qiang 🇲🇾

Tuition Teacher turned Senior Frontend Developer @

"Raised in a household by a single mother, I couldn't afford to go to university and had to stop studying to start working as a tuition teacher for high school students. Sigma school gave me the opportunity to actually work on real world projects. It really accelerated my learning relative to my past year of learning on my own and I will definitely recommend Sigma School to anyone who's looking to break into a tech career without spending a fortune on universities."

Michael James Munar 🇵🇭

University graduate turned Backend Developer @

"Would give 10 stars if I could. Definitely worth the time and the money! Learned a lot of new tech stuff as a Fresh graduate in university. Even with me being here in the Philippines and them being based in Malaysia, I had no issue in regards to classes and they always provide the help I need anytime I needed it. I've made a few good friends as well and I will definitely recommend sigma school to anyone who's looking for an accelerated and mentor-supported path to real jobs in tech. You will not regret this!"

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Updated on: 12/08/2022

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