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Will I get a certificate once I graduate?

Read this article to know if Sigma School provides a certificate of completion.

Definitely! We provide a certificate upon your completion and graduation from Sigma School.

You will be able to use the certificate and link it to your social media profiles, your CV, as well as using it as an accelerated track for interviews with our hiring partners.

However, the certificate is not accredited by a governing body.

Not to worry though, the best employers out there don't care whether or not you have an "official" degree. What matters to them is that you know how to get the job done.

By studying at Sigma School and completing the program, you will have the technical skills, soft skills, tenacity, and determination that many accredited programs can't boast. Additionally, you'll have a large portfolio to help showcase your skills.

Updated on: 12/08/2022

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